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3.5 days

Until all of those cliche little girl dreams come true.

Here is what I have learned:
Every detail you plan, gets changed. Every dollar you spend, gets overlooked. Every moment of stress, will go away. Every family argument, will get resolved. Every minute spent planning, will be forgotten.

The only thing I’ll remember and care about at the end of the day, is the lasting effect of my devotion in my marriage that I will have for my husband, and the way we glorified God during the day. 

Trying to destress. Praise the Lord.

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Cake sizes & servings. Good to know!


Cake sizes & servings. Good to know!

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33 days

cannot pass fast enough…

I want to be with my husband already.

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wedding hair perfection

wedding hair perfection

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Super cute idea!

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It has come to this…

My grandma can’t do my hair for the wedding… nor do I have money to get it done (nor will I have time)… soo….

I’m gonna do it myself… :/ let the practicing begin… oh boy… ;) I’m not too worried, but i’ll definitely need to practice a lot

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People keep telling me I’m not a bridezilla.

But I think I am.

I won’t let anyone else plan things because I don’t think they have time. And when I give responsibility to some people they don’t take care of it. I guess I’m a bridezilla to myself. I guess that’s not AS bad, but it’s definately adding stress where there shouldn’t be stress…

First world problems.

Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice. <3 

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Ahhh love ettt

Ahhh love ettt

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